About JNMI


Jordan National Metrology Institute (JNMI) was established in 2006 under the management of the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) according to the signed authorization agreement between Jordan Institute for Standards & Metrology (JISM) , which is a governmental institute responsible for the national system of measurement in Jordan, and RSS, which is the largest applied research institution, consultation and technical service provider in Jordan housing 38 specialized laboratories acting as technical arm for JISM, providing metrological services since 1981. The launching day for Jordan National Metrology Institute JNMI has been assigned to be May 20 , 2006 which coincides with World Metrology Day.

History Milestones
  • 1981 ; Establishing a small Unit for Electrical Calibration including DC Voltage , DC Current and Resistance in the Royal Scientific Society

  • 1998 ; Accreditation by DKD German accreditation Service for the Electrical calibration Unit Activities complying with International standard ISO/IEC 17025, The lab. approved by JISM to keep and maintain the national standard for electrical quantities

  • 1999 ; Establishing a division for calibration including the electrical calibration unit and a new Unit for Physical Calibration to cope with Industrial demand

  • 2003 ; Extension of scope of accreditation to include AC Voltage and AC Current

  • 2005; Acquiring a wide range of high accurate equipment through a Japanese grant to establish 14 specialized calibration laboratories in the fields of Metrology covering electrical , physical and mechanical measurement

  • 2006; signing an agreement with JISM authorizing RSS to establish and manage the Jordan National Metrology Institute JNMI to maintain and keep all national standards in one location at JNMI .

  • 2009; JNMI managed to achieve accreditation from German Accreditation Body DKD, according to DIN EN ISO 17025:2005 for calibration in the fields: Mass, Weighing Instrument, Temperature, Dimensional Quantities.

  • 2010; merge of 20 accreditation bodies to convert from DKD to DAkkS accreditation body, at the end of 2011; JNMI converted its calibration certificate from DKD to DAkkS certificate.

  • 2012; JNMI extended the scope of accreditation to 2017 in the fields of Electrical measurements, pressure, temperature, mass and balance, and dimensional measurement from the German Accreditation Body DAkkS.


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