JNMI Functions & Activities


JNMI performs the following functions:

  • Realizing , Maintaining and ensuring the traceability of the National Measurement Standards to International Standard.

  • Dissemination of national standards by providing metrological and calibration services to reference standards that exist in the national laboratories and to all scientific , industrial and legal sector.

  • Following up the scientific development that is related to the international system of units and applying it.

  • Representing Jordan locally and internationally in all metrological activities.

  • Performing research in Metrology issues.

  • Conducting Training courses , Seminars and work shops in Metrology.

  • Participating in Interlaboratory comparison programs on the local and International level.

  • Providing consultancy to Government in the field of Metrology.

  • The establishment and Maintenance of the National Standard Database which is adopted in jordan

Calibration Services

Through our 14 specialized calibration laboratories we provide calibration services to all scientific , economic and industrial commercial private and public sectors.
The work field is Electrical, Physical and Mechanical calibration for a wide variety of systems, subsystems, test equipment and instruments to meet its published specifications and International Standards using certified standards traceable to International Standards.


Measurement equipment to be calibrated


Calibration Laboratories



  • If you need any of our calibration services , please fill the Calibration Inquiry form and send it to us by fax or email.

  • The issued calibration certificates comply with all local and international accreditation requirements.

  • We can calibrate other equipment which are not exist in the list after Inspection.

  • Time required to calibrate equipment vary; but usually the maximum required time is 5 working days from the time of reception.

Technical Support

JNMI Lab's offers knowledgeable technical support team available to help you solve issues related to calibration, adjustment, and measurements of the device under calibration, it also conduct training course to increase awareness & improve the quality of products in the field of electrical, mechanical & physical calibration and provide training in the uncertainty calculation, ISO 17025:2005, & in metrology science.


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