Domestic Relations

JNMI constitutes the backbone and the cornerstone of quality assurance in Jordan. It will effectively contribute to attracting foreign investment, improving local investment, and eliminating technical impediments. This facilitates trade movement as well as improves the quality of Jordanian industrial products, which contributes to boosting national economy , it also aims to maintain safety , health , environment and protecting citizen rights , in order to achieve better quality of life.

We offer training courses, workshops as well as seminars in the domestic level to ensure on the calibration concept and increase the individual awareness of the importance of metrology.

Regional Relations

JNMI seeks to promote constructive cooperation with neighboring countries by conducting training courses and specialized seminars in the field of metrology, also signing agreements with those who are in the MRA program to support domestic market

International Relations

We joined the Asia-Pacific Metrology group, and seeking to sign the meter convention agreement.


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